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Candidate for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Seat #39

George A.

Turner Jr.

4 Judge

The goal of this campaign extends beyond winning a single seat.

We are part of a broader movement to democratize one of the most crucial arms of our government and legal system – the judiciary.

Endorsed by the LA County Democratic Club


LA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO.

Downtown Los Angeles

Democratize the Bench

Vote for George A.Turner Jr. the People’s Judge


Stonewall Democratic Club

Judge Maria Lucy Armendariz, LA Superior Court

Judge, Pamela Villanueva, L.A. Superior Court

Judge Holly L. Hancock, L.A. Superior Court

Eunisses Hernandez, L.A. City Council Member District 1

LA County Public Defenders Union-Local 148

Los Angeles County Democratic Party

SEIU Local 721

West LA Democratic Club

Santa Monica Democratic Club

Los Angeles County Federation Of Labor, AFL-CIO

California Progressive Alliance

Ysabel Jurado, Candidate For LA City Council, CD 14

Los Angeles City Controller Kenneth Mejia

LA Forward

The LA Sentinel Newspaper

The Culver City Democratic Club

Antelope Valley Democrats for Change

North Valley Democratic Club Of Los Angeles

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Behind My Decision to Run

Revamping the Criminal Legal System: A Judge's Perspective

Over the past 50 years, California has constructed 23 prisons and only three colleges. However, a growing number of individuals, including myself, believe that we need to break free from the cycle of custody.

As an attorney, I've devoted my career to discovering alternative solutions that cater to the community's needs. Now, as a judge, I intend to bring that experience to the bench and revolutionize many of the practices that make justice so hard to achieve in our criminal legal system.

About George A.

Turner Jr.

A Commitment to Justice & Community

Hello, I'm George Andrew Turner Jr., a lifelong Inglewood resident, proud UCLA alumnus, and dedicated attorney, running for Los Angeles Superior Court Seat #39. My journey from valedictorian at Morningside High School to graduating Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa at UCLA shaped my commitment to justice and community service. My advocacy extended beyond academics, focusing on mentoring, addressing racial representation issues at UCLA, and exploring the societal impacts on African American youth.

As an attorney at the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office, I've devoted over fifteen years to defending the rights of the indigent and marginalized. My experience ranges from handling serious criminal cases to advocating for juveniles, showcasing a deep understanding of the legal complexities and a steadfast commitment to fairness.

Currently, I lead a unit dedicated to aiding our unhoused neighbors, further exemplifying my dedication to serving the vulnerable and upholding the principles of rehabilitation and justice.

Family and community are the cornerstones of my life. Married to a therapist specializing in mindfulness for athletes, and a father to three enthusiastic boys, I strive to balance my professional responsibilities with my commitment to family and mentorship.

My campaign for Superior Court Seat #39 is driven by a passion for upholding the “inalienable rights” of all individuals and ensuring a fair, just legal system in Los Angeles.

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my top priorities for

Los Angeles as a Superior Court Judge

Expanding the breadth and depth of alternatives to incarceration

The criminal justice system has traditionally relied heavily on incarceration as a form of punishment for those who break the law. However, over the years, it has become increasingly clear that incarceration is not always the most effective or just solution. As a result, there has been a growing movement to expand the depth and breadth of alternatives to incarceration. As a judge, I am committed to acknowledging the limitations of the current system and offers a more compassionate and effective approach to justice.

To faithfully apply the law including those that are aimed at decreasing the number of those incarcerated

To faithfully apply the law means ensuring that justice is served, but it also means taking into account the impact of the law on society as a whole. This includes laws that are aimed at decreasing the number of those incarcerated. It is crucial to recognize that the criminal justice system is not perfect, and that there are many factors that contribute to mass incarceration. By working to reform the system and reduce the number of people who are incarcerated, we can help create a more just and equitable society

Reforming the Judiciary: Updating Court Procedures

It is imperative for courts to modernize their practices to keep up with the times. Overall, modernizing court practices is essential for ensuring that our justice system remains relevant and effective in the 21st century. Updating Court Procedures.

To modernize court practices, several steps can be taken. These include implementing e-filing systems, centralizing courts that handle post-conviction work, and maintaining accurate statistics on basic demographic information.

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Notes on this Campaign:

Because this campaign is about democracy and people, there are a few things that need to be addressed. I do not want this campaign to feel traditional. In the minds of our voters too often politicians come in like strangers, make a bunch of promises only to disappear until the next time they need a vote. This campaign will distinguish itself employing volunteers that reflect and are a part of the community and emphasizing that this campaign is not just for the candidate but for the community. Along those lines, one of the keys to movement building is piquing the passion of the people in the movement by making participation fun, engaging, and empowering.

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Candidate for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Seat #39

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